“It’s that perspective book you don’t want to forget about, especially if you’re looking to build your confidence in coding or pursuing a career in tech. ”

1. Confident Coding by Rob Percival.

A while back, before buying this book, I used to have difficulty processing information. Not realizing that sometimes it is more about how we think than trying to learn something new — and knowing less is essentially knowing more. This is to say that: the more we keep things in its simple form, the more we learn to put things in perspective. So, as I began to understand this truth, it clicked to…

Hey, everyone! 💛

Here’s to learning about CSS, and the amazing things it can do, whether you’re unsure about how it works, or thinking about ways to create good designs, yes? Then, I hope this article meets you there, with you openly knowing more about it!

But first things first, what is CSS?

“Short for cascading style sheets, CSS is a language used to describe reusable styles for presenting documents written in a markup language.” — Computer Hope

Or, in other short words, a collection of #RULES.

Before we can jump in and get started in Android Development, I think it is always important to ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Is this something that really excites me? And if so, can I see this as something me being sure of? These sort of questions, believe it or not, are the kind of questions you must keep in mind: to becoming a better learner; to making you realize what is right for you; to giving you more confidence.

I still remember when I first got started, the only thing I cared about was how cool it…


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